Baiga Tourist Resort

Sarodhadadar - Kabirdham


Located at the highest point of the Maikal Range at 3000 ft in Chhattisgarh, the Baiga Resort provides a spectacular 360-degree view of the hills covered in lush greenery. A magical dreamy locale, with swirling mists and cool temperatures, it is indeed a piece of heaven on earth. Even during peak summer at 35 degrees as soon as it rains, the mists come swirling in to make you feel like you are stepping on clouds. The ethnic accommodations, restaurant, interpretation room and free space amphitheater are all uniquely based on the tribal theme. The indigenous Baiga Tribe’s glorious tradition, culture, and folk heritage are beautifully showcased through this little paradise. The Baiga, being one of the most primitive tribes of Madhya Pradesh, have managed to protect the sanctity of their tradition. Take a break away from the harshness of city life and experience the simple, pure, ...and nature-centric tribal lives of the Baiga.
  • The resort provides a 3 Km walking and trekking track around the resort, sprinkled with beautiful pagodas to rest in. They have adventure rope activities for the adventurous at heart. Guided wildlife safaris are also arranged at the nearby Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary. Nearby attractions at Sarodha Dam, Pidhaghat Watch and RaniDhara Waterfall ensure that visitors are spoilt for choice.
  • There are 3 choices for accommodation in the resort, Baiga huts made of mud and Khapra with Baiga art on the walls, Deluxe Rooms built on tall wooden columns and wooden cottages, made entirely of wood. Comfortable rooms, and spacious bathrooms, including all modern amenities are provided for guests. For any request. The resort maintains the charming local ambience without compromising on modern facilities.
  • Restaurant menus are a la carte and provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Customised packages are also available upon request.
  • Open all year round. The best time to visit is November to February.
  • Nearest Airport - Raipur 220km Nearest Railhead - Raipur 200km
  • Families with children are welcome.
  • From price based on lowest category room per night. Enquire direct to get full range of pricing and to book.
  • In-house lodge naturalist
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Wifi access

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Sarodhadadar - Kabirdham

This charming locale ornamented with resplendent forests and rolling hills, is promoted by Chhattisgarh Tourism as a part of the Tribal Tourism Circuit, to showcase the unpolluted beauty and tribal traditions of the indigenous Baiga tribe residing in this region. This verdant territory is brimming with glorious revelations of nature, ancient temples and man made marvels to experience up close and personal. The district covers an area of 4,447.5 km of dense forest, rolling hills, gushing water Read more>>

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