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Sarodhadadar – Kabirdham

Sarodhadadar - Kabirdham


This charming locale ornamented with resplendent forests and rolling hills, is promoted by Chhattisgarh Tourism as a part of the Tribal Tourism Circuit, to showcase the unpolluted beauty and tribal traditions of the indigenous Baiga tribe residing in this region. This verdant territory is brimming with glorious revelations of nature, ancient temples and man made marvels to experience up close and personal. The district covers an area of 4,447.5 km of dense forest, rolling hills, gushing waterfalls and winding well-constructed roads. Visitors come to experience the pristine beauty of the forest, the magic of the mountains, the varying moods of the sun and the magnificent shape-shifting clouds. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to visit and learn the ways of the Baiga, one of the most primitive peace-loving and friendly tribes of India. The boundless and lush Chilphi Ghati (valley) at an elevation of 800 m is often called the ‘Kashmir of Chhattisgarh’ due to its cold cli...mes. The added attraction for nature lovers is its proximity to the wildlife sanctuaries of Bhoramdeo and Kanha which boasts of exotic flora and fauna sightings. Ancient temples with intricate sculptures built on the foot of the thickly forested Maikal range of hills, have been termed as ‘scintillating poetry in stone’. The mighty gushing waterfalls, hidden deep in the forests, are completely worth the trek.The highest point on top of the Maikal hills is 3000 ft above sea level and gets fully enveloped in swirling mists as soon as it rains.
Guided wildlife safaris are a must to neighbouring sanctuaries like Bhoramdeo to experience the sublime magic of the jungle. The massive Kanha Tiger Reserve, in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh is considered as the best managed reserve in India. Look out for individual tigers, along with tigresses and their cubs. Also, for sloth bears, wild dogs (dholes), sambar rhesus macaque, golden jackal, bengal fox, small Indian civet and many more. Barasingha or swamp deer is only found In Kanha. For bird watchers, there are over 175 varieties of birds. Do not miss the Indian Ghost Tree (kullu) with its ghostly white trunks!
Neighbouring attractions like Bhoramdeo Temple, known as the ‘Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh’ is an archaeological and historical marvel showcasing, past grandeur of this area as a princely state in the 11th century. The breathtaking Ranidhara Falls, breaks the quietude of the forest with only the sounds of gushing water. The Sarodha Reservoir surrounded by hills and dense forests is a coveted spot for picnics and spectacular sunsets. Swimming, fishing and boat rides can be enjoyed on the reservoir. The Pidaghat Watch Tower, on Maikal Parvat with its fiber glass floor at a height of 100 feet showcases the stunning beauty of Chhattisgarh.
This region of the Deccan Plateau has over 44% forest land with rich biodiversity and houses the headwaters of mighty Indian rivers like Mahanadi, Indravati and Narmada. Many indigenous tribal communities living here, depend on these forests and biological resources for their livelihoods. Chhattisgarh faces a number of threats from agriculture, industrial and urban expansion, unsustainable collection of fuel wood, harvesting of medicinal plants, diversion of forest lands for non-forestry purposes, and extensive grazing. Hence sustainable management of biodiversity is crucial for local livelihood and the rural economy. Presently premier government institutions are working together to preserve, conserve and promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable tourism in this region.

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Open all year round.
You can hire a car or visit the various spots in your vehicle. By Air : Raipur airport, at a distance of 117 km and and Bilaspur airport at a distance of 180 kms Arrivals by flight need to take a cab transfer to a resort of their choice. By Rail : The nearest Railway station is at Durg which is located at a distance of 146kms. Raipur Railway Station is at a distance of 161 km and Bilaspur station at 148 km.
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Eco-friendly properties in the area

Baiga Tourist Resort

Located at the highest point of the Maikal Range at 3000 ft in Chhattisgarh, the Baiga Resort provides a spectacular 360-degree view of the hills covered in lush greenery.

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