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Kurdar, Bilaspur

Kurdar, Bilaspur


Kurdar is an enchanting hideaway surrounded by lush green forests in the heart of Chhattisgarh. This tranquil picturesque locale is surrounded by boundless green hills and valleys undulating between altitudes of 200m to 1000 m above sea level. This region falls under the Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO and the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is a highly protected area. The mighty rivers of Narmada, Sone and Johila emerge from this hilly topography. This pristine locale is the ideal holiday destination away from noisy cities. It is an abode to various tribes like Gond and Baiga, who preserve the cultural traditions of this area. Their main occupation is agriculture, production of medicinal plants, bamboo handicrafts and non-timber products. This magnificent stretch of greenery lulls the visitors with its scenic beauty and quiet peace. As a venture of Chattisgarh EcoTourism, Kurdar is an integral part of the ‘Tribal Tourism Circuit’ and welcomes visitors to experien...ce the splendor of this region.
The best time to explore the Achanakmar tiger reserve is between November to June as it is closed during the monsoon. Look out for panthers, bears, chitals, sambars, barking deers, bison, blackbuck, chinkara, wolves, foxes, jackals, wild boars, monkeys and giant squirrels. Diverse and flourishing populations of flora and fauna can be found, with over 1500 plant and 170 bird species. Look out for distinct Baiga art and folklore in and around this region. Experience up close and personal, daily life in a Baiga village and watch the skilled artisans at work.
Khutaghat dam is a massive reservoir surrounded by forests and hills adding to its mesmerising ambience. The expansive lake is a popular site for picnics and walks. Constructed in 1926 by the Britishers, it is now used for irrigation purposes. Situated on the tranquil waters of the Shivnath river, Madku Dweep is an island of lush verdure and splendid waterfalls. Ruins of ancient temples, epigraphs, coins and pottery with highly skilled workmanship have been unearthed here. Ruins of great archaeological significance are also found in Malhar and Tala, which find mention in inscriptions and ancient Indian literature. Excavated ruins of a fort and temples can be explored. The greatly revered Mahamaya temple is also a favourite spot for visitors.
The Chhattisgarh government has initiated extensive efforts for soil and moisture conservation, construction of check dams, rehabilitation of degraded bamboo forests, grass meadow development and conservation of landscapes. These efforts to protect and develop the ecosystem are critical to conserving the flora, fauna as well as the indigenous tribes inhabiting this region. Repair and rejuvenation of traditional water bodies and advice to locals to keep them clean is an important governmental endeavour due to their presence in vast numbers. From being tiger worshippers to guardians of the wildlife, the Baiga tribe themselves play a vital role in tiger conservation and protection of medicinal plants.

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Book online on Chhattisgarh Tourism Board website

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Open all year round.

Getting Around the Park

Abundant nearby attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, temples, forts, ancient carved sculptures and dams. This region has dramatic ecological diversity and is the least disturbed forest area in Chhattisgarh, the greenest state of India. It is also an integral part of the forest tract which forms the Central Indian Tiger heartland and houses as many as 26 tigers.
You can hire a car or visit the various spots in your vehicle. All arrivals by flight and rail need to take a cab transfer. By Air : Raipur Airport is at a distance of 141 km. By Rail : The nearest Railway station is at Durg which is located at a distance of 154kms. Raipur Railway Station is at a distance of 136 km and Bilaspur station at 50 km.  
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Eco-friendly properties in the area

Kurdar -Johar Eco Resort

Part of the Tribal Tourism Circuit destination, Kurdar Johar Eco Resort welcomes the tired city dweller to experience the splendour of nature, surrounded by dense lush forests on Kurdar Hill.

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