Your features for the restaurant app along with great UI will make the platform robust, and encourage more customers to use your app. AI-based chatbots are no longer limited to answering fundamental questions; instead, they take personalization to another level. The bots in the present time can easily initiate dialogues and spur conversations with customers. They can provide information, offers, discounts, and follow-ups and handle basic queries. Chatbots can also work on social media as well as on websites and can help bring repeated business. In this article, we will cast light on the 10 must-have features in your restaurant app.

Check this guide to create a restaurant app that will help to reach all these goals. However, depending on the range of your business and cost of app development your needs, your app can be both consumer-facing and/or business-facing. Imagine leaving the office and you are extremely tired, knowing even if you go home and order food, you’ll have to wait for your food. But, with the order scheduling, the customers of your restaurant app doesn’t need to wait much longer. For instance, Starbucks successfully increased their sales by 80% when they introduced loyalty programs.

Taking instant payments online ensures a user won’t change their mind and you won’t lose money. Franchise applications are a more complex version of standard food ordering apps, developed explicitly for restaurant chains.Domino’s Pizzais a great example to check. When a customer plans to go out to their favorite cafe, they can book a table online and pre-order the dishes and drinks. This way, you can be sure the food is prepared by the time you arrive. People can, of course, book a table or order food delivery by making a standard phone call.

Main features of a restaurant app

You can also offer some discounts for first-time customers to attract new audiences and then wow it with your exceptional services. The main idea of such restaurant app builder a restaurant app is to entice customers with yummy offers. That allows customers to view the menu, make an order and pay for it with their smartphone.

Multiple platforms

They can just order the food as they are getting out of the office, and as they reach home, they will get their food at the perfect time. Customer Feedback is the simplest and most effective way of getting a complete visibility of insights to improve your app. Including this feature can give make your app stand out from the rest. The ability to pay for their orders beforehand takes customer convenience one step ahead. Push notification is a double-edged sword; it can make or break your customer app.

One can order food within the comfort of home with avoiding flocking to crowded restaurants. The food delivery solutions offer restaurants that help them boost sales and grow the annual revenue by adding a vast margin. If you’re looking to run your restaurant chain, want to invest in a lucrative startup, or want to hire a skilled team, we have everything for you. Allow us to integrate the right features and get the best suitable business model based on your requirements. To facilitate the searches, GrubHub has used their semi-public API that collects information from the database. We have devised the restaurant mobile app features and engineered our own idea.

Main features of a restaurant app

After speaking to a number of developers and development service providers, we decided that Innofied was a great fit. Whether it’s Postmates, Pizza Hut or GrubHub, they have started using the Uber’s tracking integration. If you are developing an app for iOS, you will need CoreLocation framework and for Android, you will need Google’s Location API to select a given geographical region. This will monitor the user’s device and hence the user location precisely. We have designed and developed our own delivery algorithm that automatically calculates the estimated delivery time. To make the delivery simpler, our devised algorithm produces the shortest route to pick the food and deliver at the customer address.

Seamless Online Payment

To help you make an informed decision, we have listed the capabilities of the restaurant management system you are evaluating. Show your “human side” and add Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profiles together with news, updates, or videos from your Youtube channel. As much want to learn about your customers, try to make strong bonds with them and you’ll turn them into brand ambassadors even without asking. Statistics modulewill help youunderstand user behavior and improve your app to achieve better results.

  • A table booking app could help them do it in a convenient and classy manner.
  • We bring you 5 essential features for boosting the restaurant business in the mobile era.
  • Numerous solutions on the market can be integrated with a restaurant app, so there is no need to develop them from scratch.
  • This way, you know what amount of food you have and how much is required.
  • Having an ideal restaurant management system to power the business is a daunting task.
  • We enhance usability and craft designs that are unconventional and intuitively guides users into a splendid visual journey.

Mobile users are a huge target audience for any business worldwide. This is also going to make the waiting process less annoying for the customers. This helps cut down customer frustration that undoubtedly arise from long waits to get a table and gives them the opportunity to perfectly plan their evening.

Loyalty, Rewards and Discount Programs- Example of Starbucks

At the same time, you can start collecting feedback and analyze usage statistics. It helps users pick a bar or a cafe by viewing photos, menus, reviews, and other information. It also features the restaurant’s contact information and driving directions. CheckOpenTableto understand better how restaurant locators function and what features they offer to users.

Main features of a restaurant app

Convenience is becoming increasingly important to customers, especially for younger generations, who are becoming a larger portion of the consumer population. Millennials prefer to consume their favorite foods wherever they want, as well as order and pay for them with the click of a button. It happened to everyone that when coming to a restaurant and ordering dishes for a company, you had to divide the amount and calculate your payment. Dominos with their app design and development to expand their business. If you want to stay running with a competitive edge in the digital landscape, developing a custom restaurant app is an absolutely prudent decision. Restaurants apps help you manage staff, customers, orders, sales, and other aspects of the restaurant.

Chatbot Assistant for Restaurant App

Rather than using the same full menu used for in-house dining, you might want to consider shortening the options to some popular items to keep production costs down. With notifications, customers expect to stay up to date with the restaurant’s goings-on. If you send out a message every once in a while, the user will probably lose interest or forget about the app altogether. The customers may never know this app exists, but they will surely feel its positive impact and appreciate an enhanced quality of your services.

Main features of a restaurant app

If it takes a lot of time, you might have to consider looking for more options. So, it is imperative that the software tracks all the business sales data, making it easy for the owner. Location-based marketing is a process of planning and implementation of marketing activities that use and are based on geolocation. Let your customers find what they are looking for in your platform without any hassle.

In 2021, the global mobile payments market volume will amount to $1,326 billion (as opposed to $ 1,100 billion in 2020). Its growth is due to the convenience and security of smartphone payments. Providing location-based discounts to your loyal customers can be a great way to retain them.

Your customers will be able to share information about your restaurant with friends online. Thus, you will expand your audience and acquire clients organically. This also makes it a lot easier to follow a link from the app to visit a specialized review website and share your experiences at the restaurant.

Easy Learning Curve for Users

Machine learning incorporates many such factors like delivery location, order volumes, and driver availability to calculate precise arrival timing. Customers can purchase food from various eateries and deliver it to their doorstep without interrupting their workday. Accordingly, customers want convenience and flexibility, the growth of online meal delivery services is growing. From 2018 to 2020, the on-demand food delivery industry experienced extraordinary growth, with a CAGR of over 14%.

Reward/Discount Programs, Cashback Programs, and Loyalty Programs

Adding multiple payment option to your food ordering app is a great way to understand customers and their purchase behavior. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most important features every restaurant app needs to have to be loved by the customers. If you suddenly need to fix something, we will do it for free and it will be treated as a top priority.

Manage Push Notifications in this manner, and it will help in growing your on-demand food delivery application substantially. One more thing which you must ensure is that your food delivery app notifications add some value to your users and are not plain advertisement or gimmicks. This option enables your customers to rank and evaluates other restaurants on the app based on their listed food. Therefore, every company values its consumers since they are the lifeblood of the company. Accordingly, any form of feedback or rating is highly beneficial to a company’s understanding of the drawbacks of their on-demand delivery software.

Since 2014, digital ordering and delivery have grown by 300 percent when compared to dine-in traffic. One designer may cover all of the tasks above or a team of designers will do the job. Just keep in mind that this is an extremely time- and money-consuming option.

The application will automatically split the check into several people. When working with the restaurant business, we often came across the fact that people who first came to the restaurant did not know what to order so that it was hearty and tasty. For example, a person is on a diet and does not eat carbohydrates and there are no meals without carbohydrates on the menu, but there is a roast duck with rice.

Customer feedback is the simplest yet most effective way of getting complete visibility into insights that can help you improve your app. A customer feedback portal in the app will allow users to share their experiences. These experiences or customer demands can be used later to improve the app’s functionality further and enhance the user experience. The portal easily provides hassle-free customer service as bad experiences or suggestions can be attended to instantly, building trust among customers. The physical space in the restaurant can always be challenging, especially when overcrowded.