What is Footprint certification?

South Asia’s first dedicated Eco-certification programme for hoteliers, resorts, camps, B&B’s and other accommodation owners. Our aim – to save you costs, support your operations, motivate your staff, keep your clients happy, drive better travel and tourism practices across South Asia, and ensure a healthier planet for all.

With a decade of experience and expertise running our Internationally recognised PUG certification programme in wilderness landscapes across South Asia, TOFTigers Footprint certification will now allow you as an owners, operator or managers of any lodgings or accommodation property to get credible Eco-certification that complies with the Indian Ministry Of Tourism’s own Indian Sustainable Tourism Criteria (ISTC) and within the International Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s criteria (version 1). It’s undertaken by GSTC qualified experts with years of experience and to International standards.

This allows you as a provider to not only be recognised by trusted standards as a pioneer in the Eco, Green or Sustainable tourism sector, but also – with expert help and advice from our certification team – to look closely at your operational and eco-practices.

  • The TOFTigers Green Team will make a close analysis of many of your critical cost bases, highlighting cost saving and operational best practice in measures such as :
  • All waste management and rubbish disposal
  • Water use, water harvesting and water conservation,
  • Energy use and energy efficiency
  • Purchasing and supply trails
  • Staff retention, recruitment, work satisfaction and staff training
  • Client promotions, Client feedback and client retention and referred
  • The Green Team provides your management with a broad Sustainable Management Plan and Actions for your hotel/resort/camp to action to improve your eco performances.
  • The Green team give suitable advise to your management on action where improvements can be made quickly, easy and cost free during the audit.
  • Ongoing consultation and case studies can be given by the Green Team to operational management to help them improve.
  • Benchmarks and or incentives can be offered by our Green Team to drive up standards
  • Staff prefer to work with companies that care about their environment, both in the workplace but also the external environment. This has a marked effect on your staff retention and the unnecessary costs of ongoing recruitment and training
  • Staff training improvements with integrated environment needs, incentives and improvements helping to motivate and incentivise your staff.
  • Ensuring good working relationships with local suppliers and putting communities on a firm and just footing, spreading best and equitable practice and friendly neighbourhood relations.
  • Your operations can become a role model for others, ensuring staff retention and ongoing employment of your experienced staff.


  • Research shows that good environmental operations and practices have a major impact on your visitor’s overall satisfaction with their stay ensuring better feedback and customer ratings and reviews.
  • Highlighting and proving good environmental practices ensures your past visitors become your best promoters, and help spread the message, ensure both repeat and referral business. Vital to any business.
  • Allows you to highlights your operational efforts and gives you independent and trusted certification of these practices
  • Gives your product real ‘green’ differentiation in a tough marketplace
  • Gives you the use of the Footprint certified logo on your website, banner ads, visiting cards and other publicity material to communicate your organization’s commitment to  eco-friendly practices in a travel world increasingly demanding such actions.
  • Allows you to target consumers looking for responsible holidays with green activities and credible green credentials.
  • Allowing you to get ahead in the marketplace with increasing consumer demand and Governmental legislation, by highlighting your Green credentials.

NOW you can show the world you care