TOFTigers Chairman’s comment

This is a huge admission from one of the most powerful voices in conservation – that ecotourism is primates’ best hope. Its been my belief for 30 years now and too often tourism has been dismissed, diminished, and told to sit at the back of the class – until finally, conservationists are realising its an essential requirement for saving landscapes and wildlife – be it Rwanda, UK or India –  we now need to engage with these agencies (many of the best known in the world!) to ensure the best formats of nature tourism are advocated, planned and developed going forward.


Dr. Mittermeier says in the BBC ­documentary series Primates: “More than 60% are ­critically endangered or ­vulnerable. But there is a solution.

“Eco tourism is the best solution we have for ensuring the long term survival of these creatures in their natural ­habitats. We can save these species from extinction.”

Expert Dr. Mittermeier is the only person in the world to have seen every type of primate, from 79 different ­categories, in the wild.

See the rest of the article in Mirror in the UK by Nicola Methven on 8th May 2020 here