Empowering Guides, Preserving Nature: Celebrating the Success of our 12-day Training Program in Sariska!

TOFTigers, in collaboration with Utsav Camp, Sariska, SAMPAT Foundation, and HATS, had a 12-day Guide Training Program from 18- 28 September,2023. It was the first time that the guides got an opportunity to come together as a group , learn and share knowledge with each other.

During the training, participants gained invaluable insights into various aspects of wildlife and biodiversity of the region. They were exposed to expert specialists in their fields. The group discussed meaningful topics like the menace of feral dogs to wildlife, identifying pugmarks and various bird species, exploring the world of butterflies and insects, insights into the flora and fauna of Sariska, ethics and professionalism for a naturalist, and even snake identification and rescue techniques. The training also included field experiences, allowing participants to witness diverse wildlife and their habitats. Overall, the program equipped the participants with a comprehensive understanding of Sariska’s ecosystems and wildlife, enhancing their ability to guide and educate the guests ,opening their minds to creative thinking.

Participants actively engaged in program activities and maintained the enthusiasm which was rubbed off by the eminent speakers. Participants expressed their newfound confidence and knowledge. On the program’s final day, participants shared their stories and insights,and were duly honored with certificates of participation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Luv Shekhawat, Director of Utsav Camp, and his dedicated team for their pivotal role in this triumphant event.

We also applaud Ms. Jennifer Nandi for her invaluable training, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.

Special thanks to our distinguished speakers, including Dr. Dharmendra Khandal, Dr. Satish Sharma, Dr. Gaurav Choudhary, Mr. Mukesh Panwar, Mr. Anil Rodgers, Mr. Franklin, and all others, for generously sharing their valuable insights, expertise, and experiences with the participants.

Our mission remains steadfast: raising the bar for Guide Trainings in Sariska while safeguarding its precious ecosystem. TOFTigers, in partnership with Utsav Camp and HATS, remains resolute in supporting responsible tourism practices in the destination.

We eagerly look ahead to further collaborate and replicate such experiences in other Tiger reserves,creating stories for advancement of eco-tourism in India.