TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence in Sustainable Wildlife Tourism

The TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards is an exciting initiative that recognizes and applauds excellence in wildlife tourism –aligned with unwavering commitment to foster responsible and sustainable travel. These awards spotlight individuals and organizations that have exemplified a profound dedication to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats, while simultaneously offering discerning and ethical experiences for travelers.

The TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards illuminate the remarkable contributions of those who have seamlessly integrated conservation principles into the fabric of their tourism endeavors. From eco-lodges with immersive experiences to the guides and naturalists who impart invaluable insights, these accolades cast a well-deserved spotlight on the often unsung champions actively shaping the trajectory of wildlife tourism.

Through this platform, we aim to galvanize the industry, inspiring ongoing efforts to forge a harmonious equilibrium among tourism, wildlife conservation, and local communities. As we navigate the delicate interplay between exploration and conservation, the TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards stand as an illuminating beacon, offering a source of inspiration to stakeholders across the spectrum.

Thank You to our supporters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued supporters who have generously sponsored the TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards scheduled in December 2023. Your unwavering commitment to responsible wildlife tourism and conservation is truly commendable which fuels our mission to recognize and honor excellence in the industry, paving the way for a sustainable and harmonious future. Thank you for your kind support and dedication to make a positive impact on wildlife, communities, and travelers. Your partnership is instrumental, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones together.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism: Leading the Way in Sustainability

Madhya Pradesh Tourism stands as a shining example of commitment to sustainability. With a focus on preserving the state’s rich cultural and natural heritage, they’ve implemented innovative initiatives that foster responsible tourism. From promoting eco-friendly accommodations to supporting local communities, their efforts demonstrate a harmonious blend of exploration and conservation. Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s dedication to sustainable practices not only enhances traveler experiences but also ensures a vibrant and enduring legacy for generations to come.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism is leading the way in  many responsible tourism initiatives. There is a major focus on communities, women empowerment, local arts and crafts, protecting eco sensitive regions and rural tourism .  Also their policy focuses on sensitizing the travellers to contribute to the livelihoods of the local community. To know more read

Wildlife Trails is a travel company that was founded by conservationist and biologist, Allan Blanchard, in 2000, and specialises in tailor-made wildlife holidays and bespoke safaris to the world’s best wildlife including India.  Their wildlife trips are authentic and give real flavour of the destination as it is designed by expert safari consultants who lived for months or years in the destinations they sell and they do regular recce trips to ensure that they provide the latest information on national parks. They started their wildlife tours and tiger safaris to India, which focused on longer stays in the parks, ethical wildlife viewing and giving something back to the local communities. For each new booking they donate £100 to wildlife warriors in the field, and wildlife charities who are outstanding in the field.

TOFTigers proudly acknowledge Wildlife Trails as a distinguished sponsor of the prestigious TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards. Their remarkable dedication resonates as a shining example, fostering a harmonious coexistence between precious wildlife, their habitats, and sustainable tourism. Through their exceptional contributions, they inspire us all to tread lightly and leave a positive impact on our natural world.

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Jehan Numa Wilderness, an exclusive portfolio of jungle lodges and camps, redefines luxury through a commitment to sustainability. Nestled around the renowned Satpura-Pachmarhi-Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, these thoughtfully designed accommodations uphold the exceptional standards set by the Jehan Numa Group. With a strong focus on conservation and wildlife immersion, guests experience both the rustic charm and modern comforts that define an ideal getaway. Each stay is an invitation to indulge in exciting wildlife pursuits while championing sustainable tourism practices.

TOFTigers extends heartfelt gratitude to Jehan Numa Wilderness for their invaluable sponsorship of the TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2023. Your support plays a pivotal role in recognizing and celebrating excellence in wildlife tourism, furthering our collective commitment to conservation and responsible travel.

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With a legacy spanning 60 years, Abercrombie & Kent redefines travel as an extraordinary journey of surprise, stimulation, and inspiration. Their global team of experts unveils hidden local gems, offering unique experiences, from palaces and wildlife sanctuaries to pristine beaches. Committed to environmental respect, they empower indigenous communities through philanthropic initiatives. In 2022, Abercrombie & Kent garnered recognition as one of the world’s top Tour Operators in the Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice awards and received the prestigious title of Europe’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator at the World Travel Awards. Their partnership with TOFTigers as a distinguished sponsor of the Wildlife Tourism Awards demonstrates their commitment to responsible wildlife tourism.

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