Want to stop poaching?  Then walk with ex poachers instead. 

“The Pardhi community of central India have historically been outlaws, part of the so called criminal classes, who have had little choice but to become masters at wildlife poaching for their own survival. The result – they have wrought havoc on India’s iconic wildlife and tiger populations. Now one of TOFTigers founding members, Taj Safaris, alongside The Last Wilderness Foundation have trained a total of 15 (including 5 women) ex poachers to be guides.  Their expertise in the wild, especially walking with them is a fascinating and unique experience, particularly their animal mimicry.” said TOFtigers  founder, Julian Matthews, who has just returned from Panna.

We would encourage you to include this ‘Walk with the Pardi’s’ as part of any itinerary in Khajaraho or Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.   Help them with legal livelihoods as wildlife guides and transforming their lives. Click here to get contact details.