Ken river of Panna Tiger Reserve @ TOFTigers

Ensuring Sustainable Destinations

With the global environmental movement gaining traction, with travel and tourism sustainability in the headlights, so TOFTigers focus has been on targeting Tourism Ministries to drive plans and policies that help to incentivise and encourage providers and enhance skills training in sustainability and best practice. The World Travel Market this month was an opportunity to target ministries, and offer support, training and expertise in driving this much needed change. A host of wildlife destination projects, sustainability workshops and training programmes are being planned for 2020, with ongoing discussions with State tourism boards including Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

TOFTigers continues to bang the drum about the need for better land use planning and creating ‘road maps’ for the future that ensure better regulations and policies, both from States and the Federal Government, to ensure both long term business health for those who invest in a destination, but also long term health of the destination itself, and its wild inhabitants. This planning all to often is not happening as well or as comprehensively as is needed to ensure sustained yet sustainable growth in fragile landscapes.