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Using strategic inbound marketing tactics allows tour operators to highlight their responsible travel practices while providing potential clients with helpful and meaningful content.

How to Use Responsible Travel Initiatives to Attract Clients

Written By Polyana De Oliviera and Published on ATTA website

I recently wrote a primer about inbound marketing, what it is, and how to go about initiating a content strategy for a travel business. With this foundation in place, I want to explain how to use this sort of marketing strategy to be more responsible in how we communicate to and with our audiences and how to promote sustainable travel in our businesses.

Earlier this year, I was discussing my travel agency’s content strategy with my team. It came up that we should talk a bit more about sustainability and what goes on behind the scenes at our company and on the ground with our partners.

Before implementing this strategy, I reflected on why it is important for us, as a travel agency, to talk about sustainability and responsible travel in our marketing. And, more importantly, how to go about doing this.

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