Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge: Winner of RARE Conscious Travel Award: A Hero’s Journey.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge received the Rare Heroes Award at the 2023 Rare Showcase. TOFTigers will exhibit the property on their website, highlight it on social media, and invite them to an Instagram live session as part of the Award. Prepare to discover the qualities that make them unique on a Instagram live session coming soon.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge established in 1998 set lofty standards in sustainable hospitality and community-inclusive tourism. Located away from the crowded lake side hotels of Pokhara town, this nature-based mountain lodge operates under Marcus Cotton and Lisa Choegyal’s vision which they drive with energy and passion. The Lodge has committed to the UNWTO / UNEP Global Tourism Plastics Initiative making commitments to end all unnecessary plastics in the hotel. Since its inception, community engagement, ensuring a light footprint from the building phase to the experiences offered are attributes the lodge continues to find ways to better from their current practices. The Lodge supports various initiatives that include women’s groups, local schools and wildlife and biodiversity organisations.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge has been on A Hero’s Journey setting the blue print of what a responsible business in hospitality would look like.

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