Impact of Sustainable Travel Trends based on 2023 report on Wildlife Tourism.


The travel industry is witnessing a paradigm shift with a growing emphasis on sustainability.’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023, based on insights from over 33,000 travelers across 35 countries and territories, reveals that 76% of global travelers express a desire to travel more sustainably in the next 12 months. In India, this figure is even higher, with 99% of Indians expressing the same inclination. This data has significant implications for wildlife tourism in India, as well as for lodges, tour operators, and destination management companies. We at TOFTigers recognize this paradigm shift and support all our members on their sustainability journeys. 

Growing Environmental Consciousness:

The report highlights that environmentally conscious habits are gaining popularity among travelers. With 67% of respondents turning off air conditioning when not in use and 60% reusing towels, cost reduction and sustainability concerns are driving these behaviors. This shift indicates that travelers are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and are actively taking steps to reduce it.

Impact on Wildlife Tourism:

India’s rich biodiversity and iconic wildlife make it a popular destination for wildlife tourism. The growing trend of sustainable travel has a positive impact on this sector. Travelers who desire more sustainable experiences are likely to seek out wildlife tours that prioritize conservation efforts and minimize negative environmental impacts. This presents an opportunity for wildlife tourism operators and lodges that have established sustainability practices. 75% [of respondents] seek authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture, but…40% [of these respondents] don’t know how or where to find tours and activities that will ensure they give back to the local community.

Lodges and Accommodations:

By implementing sustainable practices such as energy and water conservation, waste management, and support for local communities, these establishments can attract environmentally conscious travelers who seek confirmation that sustainability practices are in place. TOFTigers PUG and Footprint ratings will play  a major role in attracting these conscious travelers.

Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies:

Tour operators and destination management companies play a crucial role in shaping sustainable travel experiences. With a significant percentage of travelers expressing a desire for more sustainable travel options, these companies must adapt and incorporate sustainability into their offerings. This includes collaborating with local communities, supporting wildlife conservation initiatives, and promoting responsible tourism practices. By aligning their operations with sustainable principles, tour operators and destination management companies can attract a growing segment of conscious travelers.

The data from’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023 underscores the increasing importance of sustainable travel in India. The desire for more sustainable experiences has a significant impact on wildlife tourism, lodges, tour operators, and destination management companies. Travelers are seeking confirmation that sustainability practices are in place, presenting an opportunity for the industry to prioritize conservation efforts, minimize environmental impacts, and offer authentic and responsible wildlife experiences. By embracing sustainability, stakeholders in the wildlife tourism sector can contribute to the preservation of India’s natural heritage while meeting the evolving demands of conscious travelers.