Kanha Mukki particiapnts at Chitvan Lodge c TOFTigers
With Belinda Wright and the Kanha Field Director, discussing solid waste issues at Kipling camp. c TOFTigers.jpg

TOFTigers completes Madhya Pradesh Lodge Sustainability workshops

Hosted by a number of Madhya Pradesh’s best PUG rated lodges, Ritu Makhija, PUG Sustainability manager and Chairman Julian Matthews, together with auditor support ran a series of lodge sustainability workshops entitled ‘Driving the Change’.

‘We were keen to show all the lodge community of Pench, Bandhavgarh and Kanha what ‘real good practice’ looks like, and why we chose our lodge hosts for their great sustainable practices, which all owners and managers were able to view and discuss on a 2 hour showround of these properties.” said Julian.

The workshop attended by over 50 participants, covered all elements of good practice including water, waste and energy efficiency measures and best practices, habitat restoration, water harvesting, staff welfare and community relations. The workshops also helped launched two new solid waste programmes in Kanha, this being a particular problem for all the lodging community in park areas.

TOFTigers are especially indebted to Riverwood Forest Retreat in Pench, Kings Lodge in Bandhavgrah and Kipling camp and Chitvan in Kanha for their hospitality and opening up their whole operations to scrutiny and inspection.

We were also pleased to have with us the Field Directors of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench in attendance as well as Prashant Bhaigal, Joint Director Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Chitvan MD, Ashwani Agrawal in Kanha Mukki area talks about water use and issues on swimming pools. c TOFTigers.jpg
Discussing energy use and plastic free bedrooms in Kipling camp c TOFTigers.jpg
Discussing picnics in parks, eliminating plastics in parks – from Kipling camp in Kanha. C TOFTigers
Kanha Mukki participants at Chitvan Lodge, Kanha  c TOFTigers.jpg
Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh, where habitat restoration with native species is being discussed. Good rewilding of property with native species  c TOFTigers.jpg
Manav Khanduja, MD at Kings Lodge in Bandhavgarh explains how they have eliminated plastic from all their properties, alongside the Vincent Rahim, Field Director and Prashant Bhaigal, Joint Director MP Tourism. c TOFTigers.jpg
On the balcony of Riverwood Forest Retreat in Pench, highlighting issues of fencing in a critical corridor habitat c TOFTigers.