TOFT Director Vishal Singh at G20 working group on tourism

How important is G20 Presidency for Indian Tourism

India’s role as the host of the G20 Presidency presents an exciting canvas to paint the vibrant hues of Incredible India for the world to witness. As the curtains rise on India’s G20 stewardship, the spotlight naturally falls on the crucial role G20 nations play in the tapestry of Indian tourism.

With the inclusion of esteemed guest countries- Bangladesh,Egypt,Mauritius,Netherlands,Nigeria,Oman,Singapore ,Spain ,and UAE -the narrative of India’s allure can grow stronger for inbound tourism. Not only is it an opportunity to showcase the grandeur of India but also the investment potential that lies beneath its surface. The spotlight dances opportunities in the hospitality sector, the wings of aviation , the crossroads of travel.

To make the best use of its G20 presidency for travel and tourism, India can initiate interactions with G20 nations at following levels :

  1. Govt to Government. (G2G)
  2. Government to business.(G2B)
  3. Business to business, (B2B) and
  4. People to people. (P2P)

Further, the ongoing efforts of showcasing India to promote tourism and investments should not end with the conclusion of the G20 summit meeting in September. The process must continue beyond India’s G20 Presidency. The basic objective should be how India can make the best use of its current G20 Presidency on a long term and sustainable basis.

The presence of some of India’s biggest inbound tourism markets like the United Kingdom and China at the G20 should now be used to pave new sustainable partnerships which should follow through to all the levels.  The focus should be on minimizing leakages and reducing the yo-yo effect which yanks significant revenue generated by tourism out of local economies. In wildlife tourism lies great potential to lead by example and  create pilot projects with holistic sustainability as the ethos. Responsible investments that make sure to consider the Planet, People and Profit with equal importance should be prioritized. We as an industry are at a historic moment in time, with an  unimaginable potential for positive impact. The steps we take from here on  will decide the future not only of the industry but also that of our global society.

Read the full news published on Economic Times on 13th July 2023 here