TOFT Labels (PUG & FOOTPRINT) for accommodations gives access to the European market NOW

ECOTRANS is an independent non-for-profit organization which manages the not for profit European network of experts and organizations  who have been working since 1993 for making tourism more sustainable. They manage a website, Tourism 2030( an independent portal which brings together the global community of people and organisations working for making tourism more sustainable. The portal offers a free Knowledge Base and a set of DestiNet Services for making tourism more sustainable. The Tourism 2030 compass leads you to helpful organisations, courses & resources, good practice examples, sustainable tourism certification programme,s and their certified products and services world wide.

They are collating certification labels from all over the world  TOFT Label has been shortlisted to be part of this initiative. They are also launching a label guide at ITB Berlin in March 2023.  The website also offers unique features of  The Global Certification Quickfinder and the Green Travel Maps, which help certificates to be easily found by the applicants and to give global visibility to their certified businesses, destinations , and tour operators.

With the execution of this  MoU, TOFTigers certification programme  will have a wider reach for our certified accommodations in the European market especially German Market. The list of valid certified accommodations  will be used by ECOTRANS on the Green Travel Maps for promoting our certified businesses and destinations in their products and services – to

boost sustainable tourism as a contribution to the sustainable development goals 2030.