Travelife Sustainable Tourism Workshop solicits interest amongst tour operators and DMCs as a tool for responsible travel

The Travelife Sustainable Tourism Workshop, focused on Tour Operators was conducted in New Delhi on 5-6th July in India Habitat Centre and on 8th July in Kochi in Casino hotel. The workshop, co-hosted by TOFTigers, Travelife(switchasia) & Tourism for Life which was attended by industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to share knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas for a more responsible and sustainable future.

Ms. Aditi Chowdhry, Nodal Officer, Central Nodal Agency for Sustainable Tourism (CNA-ST),Ministry of Tourism gave the opening address in Delhi & Mr. James Kodianthara, Vice President, Kerala Travel Mart gave in Kochi. Other representatives who attended the workshop were from the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators, Hotel Association of Bhutan. Sita India, Indo Asia tours, RARE, Active India, Tigerwalah, Dravidian Trails, Express Holidays, Green Destinations, Cholan Tours were some of the travel agents/organizations who participated in the workshop amongst many others. Mr. George Scaria from Kerala Voyages, the first travel agency from India to get Travelife certification shared the case history of his organization.

The participants of the workshops engaged in insightful discussions, participated in interactive sessions, and investigated real-world case studies that illuminated the path to positive change. The workshop provided the participants with effective tools for transforming their enterprises and promoting sustainability. The objective was to foster a profound understanding of our collective duty to preserve the environment and support local communities. The intention was to ignite a transformational force within the tourism industry.

Mr. Robin Boustead, Travelife South Asia’s esteemed Regional Coordinator, graced the session with his knowledge and experience, which benefited the participants. He shared good practice examples and effective strategies for implementing sustainable initiatives. All the participants were inspired to commit to sustainability as a way forward.

Mr. Vishal Singh, Director of TOFTigers, emphasized the organization’s remarkable accomplishments in advocating sustainable tourism. With a proven track record of 19 years and the unwavering support of over 300 global companies, TOFTigers has firmly established itself as a leader in promoting responsible  tourism practices throughout the Indian Subcontinent.

TOFTigers operates as a crucial wildlife conservation and destination management tool, with a primary mission to harness the power of tourism for the greater good. The organization actively works towards protecting biodiversity, preserving local cultures, restoring habitats, supporting rural livelihoods, managing destinations, and raising awareness about the invaluable services provided by nature.

Mr. James Kodianthara, Vice President, Kerala Travel Mart expressed his enthusiasm for the workshop, stating, “Kerala Travel Mart is proud to be a part of the Travelife Sustainable Tourism Workshop, where we had the opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for our industry. It was inspiring to witness the collective commitment towards responsible tourism. This Workshop has further strengthened our resolve to champion sustainable tourism practices.”

Throughout the duration of the event, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, shared their experiences, and exchanged ideas. The workshop provided a forum for productive dialogue between representatives of a variety of stakeholders.

The success of the Travelife Sustainable Tourism Workshop demonstrates the travel industry’s commitment to integrate sustainable practices in organizations operations and products, bringing positive impact in the environment and local communities. The workshop has given hope and direction to the participants to pave the way for a more sustainable future for the travel and tourism industry.

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