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No trace of many tigers including Sultan

Sawai Madhopur-Kota-Alwar, 22 May : Many tigers are missing from Tiger Reserves in Rajasthan mainly missing numbers are from Ranthambhore and MHTR.

As ST-5 was poached from Sariska without a trace in 2018. It was found that many more tigers went missing in 10 years span, all in all, it is suspected that there are almost 46-47 tigers missing in past 10 years from Rajasthan.

Past few years missing numbers include MT-1 and one cub of MT-2 and one cub of MT-4 from MHTR, from Ranthambhore missing Tigers include T42, T47, T-62, T-64, T-72 (Sultan), T-92 (Sundari), T-95, T-97, T-73 and it’s 3 cubs.

Read the full news published in Times Rajasthan on 22nd May 2021 here

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