Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFTigers) is a worldwide campaign to protect India’s tigers, wildlife and wilderness through sustainable tourism. It is aimed at delegating responsibility for administrating the campaign objectives to the individual members who join, placing responsibility on their shoulders to ensure maintenance of Codes of Conduct, supply chain pressure, TOFTigers lodge collectives supporting projects and community initiatives, and feedback to TOFTigers Executive where necessary. The campaign is administered in India by TOFT Indian Wildlife Association, a registered charity. TOFTigers’ international work is administered by The TOFTigers Initiative, a not-for-profit company (Limited by guarantee) registered in England (company no. 8299072). TOFTigers also has an Executive Committee made up of invited industry representatives who oversee the campaign, review procedures, promote it to new members and help drive the objectives – all on a purely voluntary basis.

TOFTigers activities are funded by Membership fees and/or applying a ‘Small Levy’ to visitors travelling to wilderness areas collected from TOFT member companies, overseas or within India on an ‘honesty’ basis and placed in the TOFT Indian Wildlife Association and The TOFTigers Initiative charity and not-for-profit accounts. Additional funding is secured from donations or sponsorship. These funds help run the core campaign and a TOFTigers administered fund to support projects in India.

Core costs are kept to a minimum with no paid employees, but TOFT Indian Wildlife Association has an administrative support team in its Delhi Office. TOFTigers international office based in the UK employs a part-time Coordinator. All other administrative and executive support including a European Coordinator and a representative in the US is provided on a voluntary basis.

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