What is certification?

Our Eco – based Certification systems or ‘Kitemarks ‘, assures all travellers, their agents and operators, and all those involved in operating, planning or managing nature based tourism, that certified providers have been thoroughly examined and have reached or exceeded a minimal standard of commitment to sustainable practices in providing ecofriendly nature-based tourism experiences, be they luxury lodges, family resorts, tented camps or simple homestays.

Our PUG and Footprint Certification Programme is the first and only system that has been specially developed to address the need to identify and encourage genuine environmentally focused or ecotourism based, accommodation providers in the Indian subcontinent.

TOFTigers operates two certification programmes

The PUG certification is aimed solely at nature focused accommodation and lodge providers who seek to provide their visitors with a principally nature based travel experiences, and their operations have a very direct bearing on the nature destination itself, on its flora and fauna and with its neighbouring communities.

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The Footprint certification is aimed at all accommodation and lodging providers whose client base is not wholly nature focused, but enjoying leisure, family or corporate time within any destination, be it in a natural, rural or an urban landscape.

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