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Whether you are a luxury lodge or resort, a community camp or a homestay, you are critical to a destinations protection and conservation.

TOFTigers recognises that nature tourism has transformed Indian conservation and protection efforts over the last 30 years, ensuring once neglected, over exploited and denuded landscapes can be restored and can justify their existence against a host of competing economic demands and needs from surrounding communities, industries and political needs.

As a responsible accommodation providers, you are at the ‘coalface’ of conservation, helping turning your visitors into nature’s best advocates, helping alleviate rural poverty through jobs, opportunities and enterprises, ensuring park revenues from your visitors, and the Government’s support from your industry and taxes.

So if you are an accommodation owner, be it a small homestay for budget visitors or a luxury lodge, (or plan on being one) your business is a critical tool in wildlife protection and conservation.

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How your plan and build your establishment, how you run your operations and who and how you employ your workforce will have inevitable consequences, ensuring not only the long term health of your business but also the health and natural wealth of the protected area that you benefit from.

The key is to ensure the benefits of nature tourism are justly and equitably distributed, so that your neighbours, often the bordering communities to the park or destination, can see positive benefits from your operation, because they have not only been the guardians over centuries, but often been the greatest victims of predators and the many herbivores that destroy their crops year in year out.

Changing this historic problem into a viable and sustainable solution, through your own operations, will ensure a long term future for both you and wildlife.

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  1. Businesses that adopt green practices outperform their competitors
  2. 75% of consumers want more responsible holidays
  3. 93% of consumers say travel companies should be committed to preserving natural heritage
  4. 66% of consumers prefer to buy products and services from companies that give back to society
  5. 58% of Conde Nast Travellers said their hotel choice influenced by green credentials
  6. 66% of Tripadvisor.com travellers often or always consider environment when choosing hotels and other providers
  7. 50% willing to pay more for goods and services that have good corporate social responsibility credentials

As a business owner you need to see latest trends in responsible travel and tourism trends here

  1. Gives you product differentiation in a tough marketplace
  2. Strengthens your image to both buyers and guests in what you offer, and reassurance in the quality of what can be experienced
  3. Gives you comparative advantage when buyers of potential guests making a decision as to who to buy. OTA websites like Tripadvisor.com and Booking.com increasingly using approved certification to optimise & prioritise accommodation providers
  4. Be at the forefront of the market trend to sustainable services, both Internationally and also with your fast developing domestic market
  5. Highlights areas for operational cost savings, affecting bottom line
  6. Be highlighted on India’s best known responsible travel website, and other partners like Sanctuary Asia, as well as get the chance to be highlighted in many others in print and online tour operator, travel and tourism publications.
  7. Be able to command premium pricing as a result

NOW you can show the world you care: Join us.

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