Engage your business – A Tour or Safari operator?

Tour, travel and safari companies are at the front end of the nature tourism offering, and have a profound impact, as marketers and promotional specialists of destinations, particularly when it comes to wilderness areas and protected parks. How they market destinations, who they use as suppliers and accommodation providers and how they sell it to their clients has profound impacts on these destinations over many years, for better or for worse, and that is why you as a tour operator are so important to TOFTigers, and why if you are joining us we ask you fulfil a specific and important role in your operations that can help us drive wildlife destinations along a sustainable route map.

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International and national safari, photographic and specialist tour operators can influence the supply chain in a most proactive way, seek out and encourage best practice, highlight the very best operations and businesses, seek out novel experiences that support local communities and educate their guests in clever and interesting ways. This will not only ensure repeat clientele but also enhance support and advocacy for nature conservation, and ensure your business has a long term future.

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Research shows:

  1. Businesses that adopt green practice outperform their competitors
  2. 75% of consumers want more responsible holidays
  3. 93% of consumers say travel companies should be committed to preserving natural heritage
  4. 66% of consumers prefer to buy products and services from companies that give back to society
  5. 58% of Conde Nast Travellers said their hotel choice influenced by green credentials
  6. 66% of Tripadvisor.com travellers often or always consider environment when choosing hotels and other providers
  7. 50% willing to pay more for goods and services that have good corporate social responsibility credentials

As a business owner you need to see latest trends in responsible travel and tourism trends here

SO WHAT DOES TOFTigers ask Tour Operators to do?

  • Represent or encourage your client accommodation providers to strive to become ‘Best Practice’ providers using out TOFTigers PUG rating as your guide to their efforts and sustainability.
  • Seek out and engineer more ‘holistic’ experiences within your itineraries that allow time for authentic experiences that include both nature and local communities.
  • Seek alternatives to the mainstream destinations, with new reserves and regions
  • Seek out and offer greater variety of wildlife & forest interaction (Walks, hides, bikes, birdwatching, village trips etc)
  • Support conservation where possible within your CSR commitments, with projects like our Village Wildlife Guardian programme and others

Join TOFTigers and you will join over 80 of the very best and well known International and national tour operators, travel and specialist safari companies in the world – all who have made a commitment to doing better business – and proving that doing better business is good for their business.

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