c Vivek Sharma
c Vivek Sharma

The TOFTigers campaign is a worldwide campaign that started out in 2004 simply to protect India’s rapidly diminishing tiger population, through applying better policies for sustainable ecotourism in key parks.

Its operational format was to ensure responsibility for delivering the campaign objectives was with the individual travel and corporate membership of the nature travel trade who join the campaign, placing commitments and responsibility on their business shoulders to ensure the delivery and maintenance of Business codes of conduct, the purchasing supply chain pressure campaign, encourage collective responsibility to save key wildlife destinations, ensuring they support projects and community initiatives, and then fed back to TOFTigers management where necessary.  The campaign has moved on, and now is much more proactive in its approach and has a greater support base and a range of key tools at its disposal, but has always prided itself on maintaining a small administrative base, considering the size of its impact in South Asia.  You can see a video here. The campaign is administered by TOFTigers in New Delhi, India. See the full details here. TOFTigers’ international office is registered as a UK charity, called the Nature Stewardship Alliance CIO (Charity No 1172519) and is based out of Wincanton, Somerset, UK. The charity wholly owns the The TOFTigers Initiative, a not-for-profit company (Limited by guarantee) registered in England (company no. 8299072) as the trading enterprise of the charity, and is the ‘brand’ under which it has operated since 2004.

The Nature Stewardship Alliance charity and its trading arm, The TOFTigers Initiative, are overseen by our UK Trustees. Details here.

TOFTigers activities are largely funded by membership fees, fund raising activities and events, sponsorship and other funding grants and private sources.  We also get some private donation and visitor contributions.

The founder overseen the core activities of the organisation, with small administrative staff in UK and key management staff and our ‘Green team’ based in New Delhi, India. See them here

Core costs are kept to a minimum. All other administrative and executive support including European and a US representation are provided on a voluntary basis.