Travel Organisers Action Form


  1. To improve the ecological and economic sustainability of tourism destinations, with special focus on the wildlands and wildlife across South Asia


  1. To work as a change maker with governments, communities and the private sector to realise positive and sustainable outcomes for everyone


Each DMC, Agent, Operator or Service Provider joining TOFTigers

  1. Can state its support for TOFTigers in literature and brochures and incorporate a TOFTigers 'logo' wherever required.
  2. Will be linked to the TOFTigers website as a supporter and contributor.
  3. Will be acknowledged as a member and contributor of the TOFTigers campaign in literature when represented to Governments, in local and international press releases and potential articles that are undertaken to promote sustainable destination management and tiger and wildlife conservation efforts. Furthermore we encourage you can mention and highlight your partnership of the campaign in your own literature, social media, press releases and promotional activities.
  4. Will be informed by email or literature of networking events, training workshops, local projects and other activities that are carried out by TOFTigers staff and personnel, to support your product and sales staff, or to relay to your clients.
  5. Will be given examples of new activities, projects and interesting conservation initiatives that are possible to include on your clients' itineraries or mention as part of a trip itinerary or tour dossier.
  6. Will be provided with an exclusive members only list of TOFTigers key membership contacts, key buyers and suppliers, as well as the PUG and Footprint certified accommodation providers in India and Nepal's most visited destinations and parks to enhance local and International networking opportunities.
  7. You will be linked by and to any official partnerships who are associated with us and any related free benefits agreed.


  1. Our mission objectives are best achieved by collective action and the partnership of all those involved in the provision of sustainable tourism in key destinations, both buyers and suppliers, with local, domestic and International support, especially in fragile wildlife and wilderness destinations.


Your commitment to drive sustainability in destinations


Below you will be thanking accommodation providers you use (wildlife, rural, heritage or urban) for having meet TOFTigers minimum sustainable & ecofriendly standards through our rigorous certification. Details here

Ask all your accommodation providers to meet TOFTigers Eco-rating minimum standards, to help drive destination sustainability.
PUG and Footprint accommodations that you currently use
Select Property: Check the box to select the property

Selected Properties: Uncheck the box to remove the property

Below you will be asking accommodation providers (be they wildlife, rural, heritage or urban) that have not been verified by TOFTigers independent certification standards to join our campaign to 'drive the change' towards greater destination sustainability. Details here

Non certified accommodations that you currently use
Select Property: Check the box to select the property

Selected Properties: Uncheck the box to remove the property


I hereby, as the person responsible for implementing these guidelines, agree to effect them as soon as possible as laid out.



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