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The basic premise of the TOFTigers campaign is that responsible well managed nature and safari tourism into the Indian subcontinent finest wildernesses and Tiger reserves is the very best way to save their forests, their iconic tigers and their extraordinary biodiversity.

This rural based economy funds protection and communities bordering the parks, creates new rural livelihoods, generates new local enterprises and markets, enhances health and education attainment and changes behavioural attitudes to wildlife and wilderness from both locals perspective but also with visitors interests.

For instance, of today’s 200 to 300 thousand square kms of remaining Indian forest habitat, only 39,000 square kms is under any serious protection in one of 617 Protected Areas. The last Tiger census in

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2014, by the Indian Government calculated that these forests contain about 2200 Royal Bengal tigers. However, one of India’s leading scientists, Dr Ullas Karanth, working for WCS, believes at densities of 5 to 10 tigers per 100 square kilometres there is, even today, room for 15,000 to 30,000 tigers – but only of course if the unprotected forests of India got the same protection as today’s protected areas.

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