TOFTigers does NOT aim to be a conventional NGO funder. All applicants must be existing members or associated partners of TOFTigers. We look for projects that can be funded (or co funded) and in which there is an inherent need from business (or supply chain of local businesses or accommodation providers) in  the destination, thus ensuring long term economic sustainability alongside a social enterprise or locally owned business entity. Support in mentoring, market access and marketing if necessary should all be offered by the applicant, as necessary.

These are not limited but can include:

  • Market gardens to supply lodge needs
  • Developing or upgrading rural homestays
  • Training needs to provide services like guiding, nature driving or handicrafts
  • Service needs that support micro enterprises that help lodges dispose of waste, recycle, sell handicrafts or provide rental services
  • Nurseries, tree planting or community forestry projects
  • Visitor service needs that have community benefit like machans, reforestation or waterbody protection
  • Initiatives that enhance local nature awareness and support for conservation with school children or village communities bordering reserves or sanctuaries.


All project proposals put forward must be developed by members, preferably accommodation providers in the host destination, in partnership with individuals, groups or organisations within their local community who will derive mutual benefit (financial or otherwise) from the project.

Alternatively, they can be collective initiatives involving more than one provider, different elements of the supply chain or other TOFTigers members. All members or partners involved in such projects will gain the benefits of such relationships in terms of useful services or new experiences to offer their clients or support their local communities. Projects will also count towards PUG Eco rankings.


All proposals must prove to have one or more of the following criteria:

  • Long term chance of being sustained through ongoing applicant providers or private enterprise use, support or product purchase (not through continued TOFTigers or other NGO funding);
  • Have an inherent ‘value’ in terms of local employment, training and enterprise opportunity to the village or greater community;
  • Can directly or indirectly benefit long term conservation of the park through active park support, awareness and education;
  • Offer tangible benefits or services to parks, adjacent ecosystems, TOFTigers members and sustainable tourism services, or communities without compromising the destination’s nature or the environment.


Funding support can be considered from as small an amount as INR 5500 to larger amounts of up to INR 200,000

A total of INR 700,000 of TOFTigers funding has been set aside for projects starting this coming year, and consideration will be given to projects from all reserves and sanctuaries within which TOFTigers  has representation or members.

Funding is generally given as one off payments to project applicants at the start of the project and overseen and accountable to the  TOFT India Association in Delhi.


  • Vulture conservation project on the borders of Corbett National Park – under Mahseer Conservancy, an initiative to help the vulture population recover from the disaster of a veterinary drug, with awareness raising, targeting farmers and retail outlets. Lodge visitors could visit known nesting sites and communities incentivised to look after them and benefit from visitors.
  • Funding for the Singinawa Foundation (run by the owners of Singinawa Lodge) to work with teams of tribal school children of 20 villages within the buffer zone of Kanha National Park to build greater understanding of the environment they live in and the application of science to daily life (eg drinking water, house and agricultural use, alternative energy, waste disposal).
  • Lantana Project organised by the Singinawa Foundation turning an invasive weed into charcoal bricks offering the local community an income generating opportunity. Many Kanha lodges agreed to buy the briquettes.
  • Children in the Park days in Kanha, Pench and Bandhavgarh, organised by TOFTigers with the Lodge Association; game-viewing vehicles and naturalists provided by TOFT member lodges to take local children to the Park and build their support and love for the Parks.
  • A Village Wildlife Guardian Programme, like that running in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve under Tigerwatch, and as trialled in Kanha Tiger Reserve. See details here


For enquiries or to discuss a project proposal contact admin@toftindia.org