As part of TOFTigers commitment to support the integration of wildlife conservation with tourism planning and visitor experiences, so we have committed over the last ten years to a host of training programmes. They can be sponsored by TOFTigers, travel businesses or as part of a Government support or training programme. These have included for example:

  • Park Guides: Over 40 of the best of Madhya Pradesh’s park guides, whose job is to show visitors around parks including Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench have been given up to two month’s intensive training on field guiding, visitor interpretation and nature education, through IIFM in Bhopal.
  • Park Drivers: Over 600 of Madhya Pradesh’s drivers, who drive visitors and VIP’s in all of Madhya Pradesh’s best known parks, have been given an intensive two day training course in 4×4 driving, interpretation and visitor interaction over the last couple of years.
  • Field Directors and Tourism authorities: An intensive three day workshop, attended by all the Field staff of 6 of Maharashtra Tiger reserves, together with 20 staff of the Maharashtra Tourism Board where trained in recognising and implementing sustainable tourism, to pass the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Awareness

Travel Industry workshops: Ongoing workshops, presentation and networking events seek to help educate the industry in the art of sustainability and the increasing needs to work towards sustainability in an ever demanding and increasingly legislated industry.

Requests for training, training courses, sustainability based workshops for the industry and for Governments continue to be run as needed or requested.

As part of our commitment to educating the Travel Community and visitors with regards to nature travel and responsible tourism, our Founder and Staff are available for specific lectures, presentations and workshops.

Please contact us for further details.