Publications & Resources

TOFTigers produces a host of publications, resources, articles and research to support its efforts. Much of this can be seen on this here

These includes:

The 3rd Edition of the Good Wildlife Travel Guide to India and Nepal. This downloadable and in print publication highlights our efforts, covers over 26 tiger reserves, sanctuaries and beauty spots, a 20 page nature guide and highlights over 280 of India and Nepal’s best and most nature friendly travel companies, ground agents travel and accommodation providers who have obtained the PUG Kitemark for sustainability. View it here

The TOFTigers Accommodation Providers Handbook. For hoteliers and lodge operators who wish to achieve sustainability, including best practice examples and details on how to achieve the PUG certification. Soon we will have an online Best Practice toolkit. Download it here

Two ground breaking research study reports funded by TOFTigers that highlight the value of Nature Tourism to Conservation and Communities, by Dr Raghu Chundawhat.  In 2017 we launched the study on 4 tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh and then in 2018 we launched a report on Ranthambhore Tiger reserve in Rajasthan.  You can download these here

We have produced simple visitor Nature Guides to many parks including Bandhavgarh and Tadoba, for distribution at the gates.  We have also worked in association with publication groups like Sanctuary Asia Publication to produce Filed Guides to parks including Corbett Tiger Reserve.

  • We have also produced over the years a host of other publications and Powerpoint presentations to support members and membership and the PUG kitemark, including visitors leaflets, visitor questionnaires, and powerpoint guide to using sustainability as a promotional tool, waste management and others. Please contact us for details.

    Much of this can be seen and downloaded from here