Applying for the PUG audit

C Kipling lodge (Outstanding Practice)

The PUG Audit process is designed to help you in measuring your environmental, economic, and social-cultural impacts while supporting and enhancing the positive impacts of your operation.

Your reward will be the respected PUG certificate to display, with the ability to highlight your award on websites, brochures, in literature, in your rooms, on social media, or anywhere else you see fit.

An Accommodation Providers Handbook to Best Practice in Natural habitats is available to download here or see how others have made the sustainability journey here

For full details of the process – view a PDF download here.

    1. Online application (self audit) here
    2. Secondary research and google mapping by the audit team
    3. Arrange and undertake an onsite audit by our green team
    4. The auditors then undertake their evaluation
    5. A Draft Audit report is sent to you, with chance for right of appeal before final report is submitted
    6. A PUG Certificate and PUG ranking is granted by TOFTigers India

Wildlife Association

You are reassessed every 3 years to ensure ongoing certification

The entire PUG process is normally completed within 90 – 120 days depending on the complexity of the application, the extent of the background information provided, and mutually agreeable dates for the onsite audit.

Once we have done the onsite audit timescales can be as shown:

Activity Time Required (in weeks)
Draft Audit report 4 weeks from the date of on-site audit
Right to appeal 3 weeks from the date of issuance of draft report
Minor Corrective Action Requirements 3 weeks from the date of issuance of draft report
Final Audit report 2 weeks from the last day of Right to appeal duration
PUG Certification 2 weeks from the date of issuance of final audit report

For further details or to discuss joining TOFTigers please contact our audit team here

Contact the PUG audit team on + 11 24329452 or Mobile: +919810529609